Worksite Well-Being: A New Normal

Blue Zones Project hopes to create a sense of community and support across our worksites by providing you tools and resources to help you navigate our changing work environments. We know each situation is unique and we hope to offer a few tips and resources to bring well-being into your everyday lives. 

Upcoming Events to Support Employee Well-Being:

  • Downshift: Mindfulness Workshop with Guest Instructor Katie Diez 
    Join us on Thursday April 16th at 5:30pm for a workshop about the importance of mindfulness by Katie Diez. This session will introduce you to mindfulness meditation and how to incorporate it into your life. You will learn how to explore which ways mindfulness most applies to your life and how to cultivate your own practice. We will also explore the science behind why mindfulness works and practices that support positive states of mind and well-being.
    • Date: Thursday, April 16th at 5:30pm
    • Where: Tune into the workshop on the Blue Zones Project Facebook Page- this is a Live event!
  • Worksites Wednesdays 10 @ 10
    Every Wednesday we'll be sharing a 10 minute video at 10am from our buddies over at Blue Zones Project Fort Worth to help you with your work/life balance! These videos are designed to help you take a quick #movenaturally or #downshift break at 10am, every Wednesday!
    • Date: Every Wednesday at 10am
    • Where: Watch the videos on the Blue Zones Project Facebook Page


Here’s a comprehensive list of well-being resources for you to share with your organization or during this time.

  • Blue Zones Checklists
    • Downloadable Kitchen, Home, Bedroom and Family Checklists
      • Setting up your home for well-being is the key to success. To prepare for this “stay-at-home” period, download our Blue Zones Checklists to ensure health is a priority in your household. Included are checklists for your kitchen, home, bedroom and family. (Tip:this is a great activity to do with your children!)
  • Conference Call Etiquette
    • Always announce yourself on the call (unless more than 10 people).
    • Mute. Unmute. If you aren’t speaking, stay on mute and unmute to speak.
    • Be present.
    • Don’t be afraid to speak up.
    • Document and send action items and notes immediately after the call.
  • Power 9 tips while social distancing
    • Read our blog for alternative Power 9 tips and tricks!

Looking for more?
Send us an email at with any other questions, tips or tricks.