Blue Zones Personal Pledge

Screen_shot_2014-08-18_at_3.55.32_PMBlue Zones Project® is a well-being improvement initiative designed to help make healthier choices easier. Up to 80% of our health and longevity is determined by our environment, so optimizing our surroundings can add both quantity and quality of life.  When our entire community participates – from our worksites and schools to our restaurants and grocery stores – small changes contribute to huge benefits.  To do your part, follow these simple steps and pledge to make changes in your personal surroundings, too!

Step 1:  Learn about the naturally occurring Blue Zones® where people live the longest with lowest rates of chronic disease.

Visit or, better yet, read the best-selling book Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.

Step 2: Take the “Vitality Compass” to check your own well-being 

A 3-minute online tool will estimate how long you’ll live if you don’t make changes to your current environment. If you monitor your well-being, it’s easier to manage it. Take the Vitality Compass today. 

Step 3: Pledge to complete at least five suggestions on the Blue Zones Project “menu” 

Why? The menu offers choices to modify your personal surroundings so you’re more likely to be healthier and happier. Download the list of options.

Step 4: Participate in at least one of the following activities in the next six months 

Volunteer.  Volunteers tend to be happier and healthier and lead a more purposeful life. There are
many opportunities within our community. Find ways to volunteer with Blue Zones Project >> 

Discover your purpose. Attend a Purpose Workshop by Blue Zones Project. People who know their purpose live up to eight years longer. Look for upcoming purpose workshops in the events section of our website >> 

Join a Moai®.  A moai (mow-eye) is a special social group that commits to meet for 10 weeks. Blue Zones Project moais can be walking groups or potluck meals. This network helps create new friends and can help you eat better and get more exercise. Look for upcoming Moai launches in Fort Worth by visiting the events section of our website >> 

Step 5: Sign up for continuing information

Register online to receive our newsletters and activities updates. We promise to never sell your information or let others use it for marketing purposes. We just want to keep you informed of what we’re up to in your community. You can also follow us on Facebook!

Five Promises

 Self Promises: Start your journey today and make the following promises to your self: 

  1. I will move naturally more often throughout the day.
  2. I will discover my purpose and renew my spirit.
  3. I will meet new friends who will help change my life for the better.
  4. I will eat more fruits and vegetables and be mindful of all else that I eat.
  5. I will take time for myself and find ways to relieve stress.

Tell us a little about yourself and take the pledge today!