Power 9 while social distancing

Now more than ever, we need to own our own health and find ways to tap into our inner power. Here are some ways to live longer, better while practicing social distancing.


Move Naturally – Get out in the yard, make a snowman, clean up your yard for spring. Get your hands dirty in a healthy way.  Fresh air, sunshine, and connection with living things and Mother Earth will do you good.  Yoga classes and workouts are available online and via Netflix and YouTube.  Walk the dog.  Run the dog. 


Downshift – Stay informed, but don’t stay glued to the TV.  Take care of yourself and relax. Read a good book.  Meditate.  Keep a journal.  Breathe! 


Purpose – Now’s a great time to take stock of your strengths, skills, and talents.  If you’re taking some time off or stuck at home, why not reimagine your future and start planning how you can live a better life doing the things that YOU are meant to do. 


80% Rule – Eat mindfully, enjoy your food and stop eating when you’re 80% full.  That’s the point during a meal when most people pause to consider how they will handle the remaining food on their plate.  One great way to eat only what you need is to not watch TV, news, or a movie while eating.  Focus on your food and really savor it. 


Plant Slant – Put more veggies and fruits on your plate than anything else.  Your body needs nutrition, perhaps now more than ever! 


Wine @ Five – If you can’t get together with friends in person to celebrate your day, try kicking back and calling them.  Most smartphones allow multiple callers on the same call, so connect with a few of your friends and say cheers. 


Family First – Take care of yourself first, then look after your family.  You will all feel better knowing that you’re doing the right thing by taking care of one another as best as you can. 


Belong – Many faith-based organizations offer online services.  Connect with congregants, share your concerns, and help one another. 


Right Tribe – Stay connected with friends who are encouraging and helping you to be healthy and stay positive.  The last thing anyone needs right now is more bad news, so stay focused on what you can and will do to help one another.