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CONNECT for Better Well-Being

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Social connections are essential to health and well-being. Centenarians in the original Blue Zones regions of the world put Family First, have robust support groups that we call the Right Tribe, a strong sense of Purpose, and typically Belong to a faith-based community. They also relieve stress by Downshifting through meditation or mindfulness. Cultivate a sense of belonging by sharing your time in intentional ways with family, friends, and the community. And take time to connect with yourself too.

Resources for Building a Power Plan to CONNECT

CONNECT - free purpose workshops-1Find free Purpose Workshops and other virtual Live+Well programs

CONNECT - Blue Zones FamilyChecklist-1

Use the Blue Zones Family Checklist to set up your home for a happy and healthy family


Take frequent work breaks and practice the Downshift Dozen

CONNECT-FW public library-1

Encourage children to read every day and explore at the Fort Worth Public Library


Find reading resources for children at ReadFortWorth

CONNECT - virtual meditation-1

Relax and enjoy some virtual meditation

CONNECT - purpose better than happiness-1

Why Purpose might be a better goal than happiness

Connect-Botanic Garden-1

Stop and smell the roses at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Connect-Community Centers-1

Connect, volunteer, and so much more at a Fort Worth Community Center


Volunteer with a Blue Zones Partner Organization