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EAT BETTER for Better Well-Being

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What does eating better mean? It’s not about constantly dieting or eliminating some of your favorite foods forever. It’s about consuming fewer processed foods, adding more plant-based foods to your diet, cutting out or cutting back on meat and sugar, and eating less overall. Centenarians in the original Blue Zones regions of the world eat with a Plant Slant; 95% of their diet is rooted in plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, tubers, nuts, and beans. You too can eat like a centenarian and improve your well-being by making small tweaks to your diet and creating healthier eating habits over time.

Resources for Building a Power Plan to EAT Better

 EAT BETTER - FW area restaurants-1
Find plant-forward and Blue Zones-inspired menu options at these Fort Worth-area restaurants
EAT BETTER - Hands and Pans (1) 
 Follow our Hands & Pans videos to whip up some easy, tasty plant-based dishes

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Learn how to make these classic dishes with a plant-based twist
EAT BETTER - Plant-based recipes

Find dozens of plant-based recipes from the original Blue Zones areas of the world, all easy to make in 30 minutes or less and taste-tested by the experts at Blue Zones


EAT BETTER - Blue Zones Food Guidelines

Incorporate these 10 simple Blue Zones Food Guidelines into your daily life


EAT BETTER-Blue Zones Food List

Select foods from the top 50 Blue Zones Food List to create healthy, delicious meals inspired by Blue Zones centenarians

EAT BETTER - Starting a good food business

Learn how you can Start a Good Food Business in your Neighborhood


EAT BETTER - Urban Agriculture

Learn about Urban Agriculture and growing your own fresh, healthy food in Fort Worth


EAT BETTER - produce prep guide

Download this handy guide for Produce Preparation

EAT BETTER - Grow Southeast

See how Grow Southeast is ending food and economic insecurity in Southeast Fort Worth one farm at a time


EAT BETTER - Double Up Food Bucks-1

Have a Lone Star Card? Double your SNAP dollars with Double Up Food Bucks at these locations:

Cowtown Farmers Market – 3821 Southwest Blvd.

Elrod’s Cost Plus – 1524 NW 25th Street

Foodland – 1212 S. Ayers

Foodland – 3320 Mansfield Hwy.