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MOVE MORE for Better Well-Being

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You don’t have to run marathons or work out in a gym to move more. Centenarians in the original Blue Zones regions of the world live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. While it’s certainly fine to run or pump iron, you can get just as much benefit by simply building more natural movement into your day. Parking farther away, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, taking the stairs, and gardening are all easy ways to Move Naturally, one of the Power 9 principles for a better, longer life.

Resources for Building a Power Plan to MOVE MORE


MOVE MORE - Ride a Bike Share bike-1

Ride a Fort Worth Bike Sharing BCycle (It’s free on Free First Fri-YAY too)


MOVE MORE - Start a walking moai-1

Start a Walking “Moai” with friends


MOVE MORE- Start a Walking School Bus-1

Start a Walking School Bus at your child’s school


MOVE MORE - Move at Home-1

Move at Home, Burn Calories 


MOVE MORE - FW Nature Center-1

Hike and explore the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge


MOVE MORE - Fort Worth Trails and parks-1

Explore Fort Worth’s trails and parks


MOVE MORE get up offa that thing-1

“Get Up Off That Thing” and take a movement break from your desk


Downshift Dozen image

Practice the Downshift Dozen during the day


MOVE MORE - FW Complete streets-1

Learn how Fort Worth’s Complete Streets efforts promote walkability 


MOVE MORE - Start an Urban garden-1

Learn how you can start an Urban Garden



Print out this sign and remind others to take the stairs


Get moving at one of our Blue Zones Project Participating Organizations