Moai Team leaders play an integral role in a successful Walking Moai by forming a team of 5-8 members, encouraging attendance and tracking Moai metrics.

Team Leader Responsibilities:

  1. Register each member of your Moai (including yourself) using the form to your right.

  2. Set a time and place for your group to meet and walk at least 30 minutes once a week for ten weeks. 

  3. Report your group’s progress and time spent together each week online. Look for a link to track your metrics in the weekly emails.


SUBMIT Your Team

Enter one team member (INCLUDING TEAM LEADER) at a time. The page will reload upon submission for the next team member entry.

What is a Walking Moai? 


The term “moai” (pronounced mow-eye) comes from Okinawa, Japan. It means “meeting for a common purpose,” and originated as a way for villagers to support each other in times of need.


Blue Zones Project® Walking Moais are groups of 5 to 8 people who walk together at least once a week for 10 weeks to points of interest throughout the community. Walking Moais are a great way to meet new friends and stay healthy.


Register Your Team!


Weekly Log Reminders:

Each week, you’ll receive an email reminder to submit your team’s weekly progress. These stats will be compiled and the Moai with the most minutes spent together will win a team prize at the end of the 10-weeks. The prize will be presented at the Victory Celebration at the end of the 10-weeks.

Weekly Newsletter:

Moai members will receive a weekly Moai Motivational email with instructions on how to enter in the weekly contest. The more your team spends time walking together, the better chance you have of winning.

Moai Participant Guide:

A detailed guide to answer the most frequent questions you will have during your Moai Experience.
Download here.