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Certified SEAL[1]  



Certified Blue Zones Worksites® purposefully set out to create, implement and sustain a culture and environment of well-being have a much better chance of having a higher percentage engaged employees, improving overall productivity, lowering absentee rates, and over time reducing healthcare costs. With the Certified Blue Zones Worksite, our focus is to enhance your culture and environment, by making the healthy choice the easy choice; eliminating barriers that prevent employees from optimizing on positive opportunities, creating policies and practices that encourage and support employees to engage, be present, productive, and thrive in the workplace.



Blue Zones Project Approved Restaurants  




Restaurants play an enormous role in the community’s overall diet. Find Blue Zones® menu items at the following Blue Zones Project Approved™ restaurants.




Grocery Stores

Blue Zones Project® is working with grocery stores throughout Hawai‘i to give customers more options to make healthier choices. Visit this Blue Zones Project Approved™ location and look for participating grocery stores in your neighborhood.






Blue Zones Project is partnering with employers across Hawai‘i to create healthier work environments and empowering employees to be happier, healthier and more productive. The Blue Zones Worksite® Pledge promotes evidence-based actions and lifestyle principles to create healthier work environments for employees. Benefits to employers include increased productivity and a potential savings in healthcare costs. Congratulations to these Approved™ worksites:




Schools are already an essential part of helping kids make smart choices about staying healthy. Blue Zones Project makes it easier for schools to teach students how to lead longer, happier lives. Dozens of schools in Hawai‘i are currently working toward becoming Blue Zones Project Approved™ schools. 

Blue Zones Project Approved Faith-Based Communit

Faith-Based Organizations 

These organizations have completed the Faith-Based Checklist and are playing a role in improving well-being in Hawai‘i.



Participating Organizations 

These organizations have completed the Organization Checklist and are playing a role in improving well-being in Hawai‘i.


If you are interested in in having your worksite, restaurant, grocery store, or school work toward Blue Zones Project Approval, contact




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