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Surround yourself with healthier, easier choices 

Blue Zones Project works with communities and individuals to make healthy choices easier. We transform the environments around us to support and encourage well-being. Our strategies grow from research into the original blue zones areas, where residents reach age 100 more often than in other places.
Reshape your home environment with healthy and easy in mind. Find free inspiration here:

Simple actions with lasting impact
Engaging programs and activities

Feel-good resources and stories
Social newsfeeds for sharing

Feel like 2020 took years off your life?

Take them back with the FREE RealAge® test. 

Get an estimate of your body's "real" age and your customized well-being plan. The RealAge Test powers well-being improvement for individuals and whole communities. Blue Zones Project is working to help people live longer, better lives. 

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RealAge Test

Healthier Movement

at Home

People live longer, better in places that make it easy to move naturally. Yet many of our home environments feature convenience — and couch time. Learn ways to "build in" movement throughout the day and get active without even thinking about it.

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Healthier Eating

at Home

We make hundreds of food decisions every day, and those choices affect our health, our moods, and our productivity. Discover how you can set up your kitchen and create eating rituals that feed healthy, happy energy in your family.

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Healthier Outlook

at Home

People with a clear sense of purpose are happier, more successful, and more likely to live longer. Refresh your reason for waking up each day with the help of a Purpose Workshop. Lift your outlook with other practices that shed stress and raise spirits.

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Healthier Connections

at Home

A sense of belonging contributes to our well-being, and the people we surround ourselves with influence our health habits, too. Keep the positive interactions flowing with tips and practices for bonding with family, community, and your "right tribe" online, by phone, or in person.

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