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Healthier Connections at Home

Bond with family and community




Social connections are essential to health and well-being. Cultivate a sense of belonging at home by sharing your time in intentional ways with family and community. Options for meeting up go beyond in-person gatherings to virtual connections and more.


How to get Started

Create positive thoughts and soothing home surroundings with these simple actions.


Volunteer in your community

Think of ways you might volunteer to help others in your neighborhood. Would someone appreciate an offer to drop off groceries, art, or school supplies? Look up local organizations online and find out their volunteering needs. Many have updated opportunities to accommodate current health guidelines.


Enjoy family meals

Meals offer a great opportunity for family members to come together and connect. Think breakfast, lunch, or dinner—whatever best fits your family’s schedule. Family meals fuel enhanced family relationships, and kids who have regular family meals are more likely to develop good eating habits.


Start a weekly game night

Plan a regular activity night with your household. Talk with family members to find indoor or outdoor games you all enjoy, from board games to charades to soccer. Playfulness in adults may be linked to lower stress, and family game time can foster a sense of closeness. Get more healthy tips.

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