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Healthier Eating at Home

A little preparation goes a long way



Eat Wisely

Some of the world's longest-living people commonly eat with a "plant slant." Their diets feature fruits and vegetables, and their mealtime routines encourage mindful eating. Your shopping and dining practices at home can give you healthy advantages, too.


How to get Started

Set up your home for healthier eating with these simple actions.


Make your meals tech-free

With fewer distractions during meals, you will eat less and savor more. Turn off your TV and computer. Keep phones away from the table (and quiet while you eat). Share mealtimes with your family for healthy conversation—and more time between bites!


Plan to put healthy and easy on the menu

Before heading to the grocery store, make a plan for what you will eat for a week. Be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables on your list. After shopping, wash and prep what you can for healthy snacks, easy cooking, and a better quality diet.


Host a weekly virtual happy hour

Coordinate with a group of friends to share a regular video happy hour, using an app such as Facetime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. It’s a new take on a positive practice found in blue zones areas. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy some social time. Get more healthy tips.

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Additional Resources

Check out even more inspiration and information on ways to eat healthier at home.


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