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Healthier Movement at Home

Energize your day with easy reminders



Move Naturally

Working, learning, and playing at home can often involve sitting. Yet active opportunities are equally close at hand. Build in cues to move throughout your day and you’ll share a healthy practice that helps Blue Zones residents live longer and better.


How to get Started

Try these simple actions to get you moving more often at home.


Track your steps

Already have a step tracker? Be sure to set a goal and check your progress. Or add an app to your phone such as Google Fit or Stepz. Tracking technology, plus a person goal, can move you toward more steps, better health, and a happier mood.


Plan active meetings and breaks

Many of us spend much of our workdays sitting at desks. Set movement reminders for yourself via a phone app like Stand up! or Move. Consider making some meetings “walking meetings” or taking calls while walking outside, for an active and creative boost.


Change your perspective on chores

Vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn, or doing laundry may sound less than exciting, but these necessary chores can be reliable opportunities to get up and moving. Add music for more motivation, and feel good about getting things done. Get more healthy tips.

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