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Healthier Outlook at Home

Uplift your thoughts and surroundings





Your home environment and habits can give your outlook an easy lift. Create time and space to downshift and focus on what matters. These healthy practices contribute to a longer, more satisfying life.


How to get Started

Create positive thoughts and soothing home surroundings with these simple actions.


Start a gratitude or meditation habit

Set aside time each day for a stress-reducing practice such as meditating or writing in a gratitude journal. Find a quiet space in your home to focus on this alone. You’ll build feelings of well-being that help you through your busier hours.


Bring plants into your home

Plants can lower stress and anxiety and freshen the air in your home. Do some research on different houseplants and choose varieties that fit your available space, lighting, and tending time.


Declutter, one space at a time

By starting with one room or even one section of a room, you can transform your surroundings from distracting to uplifting without feeling overwhelmed. Enlist family members and play music to energize your progress. Giving away what you no longer need can help others, too. Get more healthy tips.

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