Healthy Cooking Classes

Exotic Curry Fried Rice with Cranberries

Sunday, March 22
4 – 6 p.m.
Honolulu Japanese Seventh-day Adventist Church
2655 Mānoa Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822


Free samples provided after!

We're excited to welcome Kaʻiulani Cowell to share about her well-known and ʻonolicious Exotic Curry Fried Rice with Cranberries recipe with all of us at our next cooking demo. She specializes in creating spice blends through her company, Kaʻiulani Spices, and will share about the health benefits of adding spices into your daily cooking.

About Kaʻiulani: Kai Spices imports organically grown whole spices, adds Hawai’i-sourced sea salt and raw cane sugar along with aromatics such as garlic and ginger and blends them according to recipes Cowell has developed. All 7 blends of Ka`iulani Organic Spices are ordered as needed, roasted, ground and packaged in her cottage workshop, working in small batches so that essential oils are preserved and true flavors emerge. This small batch method maintains the highest level of freshness and a standard unseen and realized by larger spice companies. It is the promise of quality which founder Ka`iulani Cowell brings to every bottle of her Organic Spices sold. Read more at:

Parking available at the church or in the neighborhood.

Hosted in partnership with Blue Zones Project Approved faith-based organization:
Honolulu Japanese Seventh-day Adventist Church



Why plant-based?
In the original Blue Zones® areas around the world, people eat less meat and more vegetables, beans and legumes. This is consistent with the USDA's MyPlate recommendations to make fruits, vegetables, and grains the majority of your intake. These foods are healthier than meats because they are less calorie-dense and contain less fat and sodium. While meat may not be completely absent from the recipes, Blue Zones Project® focuses on using beans and legumes as main sources of protein.

What to expect at a Blue Zones Project Cooking Demonstration
Our Blue Zones Project cooking demonstrations emphasize the use of fresh produce and limit the use of meats. Community members will learn how to model the eating habits of the world's healthiest and longest living individuals.

One to three recipes will be demonstrated by a chef, cook, or registered dietitian. Participants will be offered a sample and recipe card for each of the prepared recipes.



To learn more about Blue Zones Project, visit our website or watch a short video.
Please feel free to contact us by email.

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