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Connect your practice, patients and family to well-being activities and healthful information.

Share this short 4-minute video - in English or Spanish - with others so they can learn more about Blue Zones Project.  Make a commitment to live more healthfully and  sign the personal pledge.


What is Blue Zones Project?

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¿Qué es el Blue Zones Project?

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Visit our website, available in English and in Spanish, for a deeper dive into Blue Zones Project.

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Take Your CME Learning for a Walk!  And get in the Zone . . . the Blue Zone.

What’s the urgency for improving and accessing tools to define and treat the social determinants of health (SDoH)? What’ll make a difference for patients, organizations, and our community?

The answers can be found in Natividad Medical Center’s latest CME, Blue Zones Project: Physician’s Role in Impacting Well Being and Population Health.

Evidence-based learning is paramount and now you’ve got the flexibility to put your Education in your Pocket. Natividad Medical Center CME Program is proud to offer Monterey County Community Providers and Clinicians ‘Natividad Grand Rounds Podcast Series’ for CME credit.  

To request your free subscription to Natividad Medical Center’s CME Grand Rounds Podcasts/Videocasts series CLICK HERE or send your questions to


Move More

Help your team and patients stretch and relief stress.

Print this downloadable flier - in English and Spanish - and post in your office or hand out to your patients.



What do people who live the longest eat?

Plants are a big part of meals in the world's blue zones - where people frequently reach age 100. So what's for dinner in Okinawa, Japan, where life expectancy is among the highest in the world? And how do the long-living residents of Loma Linda, California prepare their favorite veggies?  You'll learn the answers on your Blue Zones Virtual Tasting Tour.


CLICK HERE to sign-up for a tour complete with cooking videos!

This five week tour features longevity "secrets," go-to foods, sample meals, and recipes to make at home from the five original blue zones areas.


Walk With a Doc

This national program works to inspire communities through movement and conversation.

With the aim to make health accessible to all, these doctor-led walking groups are a safe, fun, and FREE place to get some steps in, learn about health, and meet new friends. To learn more about starting a Walk With a Doc in your community CLICK HERE  


Participate in Salinas’ Walk With a Doc program

In 2017 Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System launched Walk With A Doc. The program has been successful in both engaging community members and creating great exposure for local physicians. Walks are held once a month on Saturdays at Fort Ord National Monument Badger Hills and last approximately one hour. Physicians give a 10-minute presentation before heading out on a 2 mile walk with community members.

If you’re interested in leading a Walk With A Doc event, please contact Amanda Meyer, SVMHS Health Promotion Manager, at


Please note the program is currently on hold due to COVID-19, however, we will reach out to you once this program resumes.




Life Radius

Blue Zones Project works to improve what we call the "life radius," the 5-10 miles around a person's home where they spend over 90% of their time. We work with community leaders to implement built environment, tobacco, food and alcohol policies that optimize environments to support well-being. We engage places where community residents live, work, learn, and play to make healthy choices easier, and we activate individuals to improve their well-being through purpose workshops, social groups, volunteering, cooking demonstrations, and personal pledges.


Bring health and well-being to your practice by becoming a Blue Zones Project Participating Organization. To learn more about how you can optimize your physical environment to make healthy choices easier and foster stronger social connections, contact Lisa Wegley.

Alarms wake us up - but what motivates our day? The answer is connected to purpose.

People with a clear sense of purpose are happier, more successful, and more likely to live longer. That’s why Purpose Workshops are part of Blue Zones Project and help people live longer and happier.


This FREE Purpose Workshop can help clarify ones purpose and discover how to share those strengths in meaningful ways.

CLICK HERE to see when the next Purpose Workshop is.



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