Better well-being sounds good at the Stayton. 

Seniors at The Stayton at Museum Way are living examples of how following the Power 9® principles for longevity can lead to longer, better lives. Residents are moving more, connecting more, and singing the praises of Blue Zones Project.

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The Stayton at Museum Way, an active senior-living community in central Fort Worth, was an early adopter of Blue Zones Project. Staff and residents took a proactive approach to implementing program elements and acting on principles like the importance of purpose, volunteering, and connecting with others. The Stayton became a Blue Zones Project Approved worksite in 2015. Since then, more than 200 employees and 315 residents have participated in various activities that promote healthy living and longevity.

One of the most popular activities the community implemented was to establish Walking Moais. Moais are small groups of 5 to 7 people who meet regularly to walk and socialize. Staff and residents began walking together daily to nearby Trinity Park. Almost four years later, residents continue to meet every morning for their Moais while staff members walk daily at lunchtime.

In looking for even more ways to foster social connections while learning new skills, a small group of individuals came together to start a ukulele club they dubbed “The Stayton Strummers.” Since its formation, participation has swelled to approximately 35 residents. The group practices together weekly and regularly puts on free performances for residents in the memory-care unit. They’ve also begun performing at events around Fort Worth.

Other activities influenced by Blue Zones Project remain evident throughout The Stayton: 

  • Downshifting is taken seriously and is on the calendar every Monday. The tone is set for a peaceful, stress-free week ahead and attendees are encouraged to meditate on their own throughout the week.
  • Because of Blue Zones Project, several resident-led spiritually based activities were added to the activities calendar. Multiple Bible studies are offered throughout the week and a noon-time prayer is held every Wednesday.
  • A line-dancing group, the Stayton Steppers, meets twice a week to move naturally to music with friends. 

No matter how you play it, better well-being sounds good at The Stayton at Museum Way.