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What: Blue Zones Project Movement 
A Healthier, Happier Salinas for All of Us. Healthy choices come naturally.
Keep Me Informed 
How: Involvement by Every Neighborhood 
We Need You. Your Family. Your Community. We will need the involvement and leadership of everyone in the neighborhood.
Why Salinas? 
Why Salinas? Half of us in Salinas struggle to feel a sense of purpose. Almost half of us don't exercise enough.
Benefits: Healthier, Happier Salinas 
What's in it for us? We all gain from a rise in community-wide well-being. Making walkable communities. Increasing healthy foods and choices.
Salinas is the first city in Northern California to launch Blue Zones Project, but across the US, 47 communities in 10 states have joined in.
What's Next 
A time for growth. Spring 2019 Preparation. Summer 2019 Planning and Planting. Fall 2019-2020 Growth across Salinas. Fall 2023 Harvesting Results.