Certified Blue Zones Worksites

Certified Blue Zones Worksites

Building a Healthier Community


Employers are in a powerful position to help employees improve their well-being by encouraging them to move more, eat better, and connect socially and with purpose.

A Certified Blue Zones Worksite® is a worksite transformation model within Blue Zones Project. Certified Blue Zones Worksites leverages the Blue Zones Power 9 principles with comprehensive experience and research on worksite engagement and well-being best practices to create environments where businesses and their employees flourish.

Leveraging Blue Zones Project worksite experts, we work with employers through a three-phased approach to create a custom blueprint that sustainably changes a worksite environment by making healthy choices easy choices. We do this through three primary levers: Activating People, Engaging Places, and Implementing Policy. The results include higher employee performance, reduced long-term healthcare costs, reduced healthcare risks, stronger employee engagement, and higher morale and retention.




Develop Well-Being Leaders
Empower leaders with skills and resources to adopt well-being behaviors for themselves and those they manage.

Cultivate Social Networks
Identify key influencers within the organization to create connections and build a supportive culture of well-being.

Foster Purpose
Create a sense of purpose within your organization and support employees in identifying and pursuing their own purpose within the context of their work.

Transform Environment
Create an environment that ensures the healthy choice is the easy choice through the physical layout and food and beverage options.

Optimize Work Community
Promote the availability of healthy food options, opportunities to connect to the community, and ways to be physically active surrounding the campus.

Optimize Policies and Benefits
Create a culture of well- being that aligns the organization’s benefits, incentives, compensation, and rewards with policies and norms.

Enhance Well-Being Programming
Promote engaging programs that support the health and emotional well-being of employees and family members.

Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom provides integrated communications, including High-Speed Internet, data, video entertainment, and local and long distance voice services that keeps Hawai‘i connected to the world. Supported by next-generation fiber network and 24/7 state-of-the-art network operations center, Hawaiian Telcom provides critical infrastructure and connectivity to Hawai‘i's most important institutions.

CBZW 2020-2022


Hawaiian Telcom worked diligently to become a Certified Blue Zones Worksite through the successful completion of some of these well-being best practices:

  • Adopted a tobacco-free campus policy for their headquarter office building in downtown Honolulu
  • Established “Junk-Food-Free” Healthy Snack Zones in the workplace
  • Established healthy dining changes that include Blue Zones-approved choices in Hawaiian Telcom’s on-site employee cafeteria and in neighboring restaurants

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Iolani School logo

‘Iolani School is a culturally diverse, co-educational, college preparatory school for more than 2,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade founded upon Christian values. Through dynamic and personalized instruction in a multitude of disciplines, ‘Iolani School's day and boarding programs develop liberally educated, well-rounded individuals who are well prepared for college and ready to assume their responsibilities as active, moral citizens.

CBZW 2019-2021

To meet the certification standards, ‘Iolani School implemented a variety of health and well-being programs, including:

  • Healthier choices on their lunch menu, in the faculty lounge, and in vending machines throughout campus.
  • A lunch cart that offers healthier options, like plant-based soups and fresh produce.
  • Professional development days, which include well-being offerings.
  • Increased access to and encouragement of volunteer opportunities in the community.
  • Complimentary well-being programs, including power core boot camp, walking groups, morning meditation, a prayer hui, Pilates, Zumba, weight training, and more. 

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The Queen’s Medical Center - West O‘ahu opened on May 20, 2014 to extend the mission of The Queen’s Health Systems to the fastest growing region in Hawai‘i. Developed in partnership with the West O‘ahu community, Queen's - West O‘ahu offers a wide array of primary and specialty care services provided by a dedicated team of health care providers.

CBZW 2019-2021


The Queen’s Medical Center - West O‘ahu worked diligently to become a certified worksite through the successful completion of some of these well-being best practices:

  • Launched the inaugural ILLUMINATE charity walk on May 11, 2019 in partnership with the Blue Zones Project. The event resulted in over 800 participants exceeding the $200,000 fundraising goal. These funds will help support the hospital in partnering with organizations and businesses to promote health and wellness throughout the community.
  • In partnership with Blue Zones Project, developed and launched KidZone, a program dedicated to teaching employees’ keiki the importance of healthy behaviors at a young age. 
  • Three students were selected to paint a mural depicting what they thought healthy living looked like in West O‘ahu. The murals are displayed in the stairwell of the hospital, encouraging people to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • In February 2019, the Queen’s - West O‘ahu dining room became a Blue Zones Project Approved restaurant by making healthier choices available for employees and visitors. By providing healthier options on the salad and hot bar, as well as delicious grab-and-go meals and no-sugar beverages, the dining room saw increased sales of healthier food options.

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As Hawai‘i's largest locally owned and operated grocery retailer, Foodland is committed to building both a better shopping experience and a better Hawai‘i. Foodland believes that our community benefits from having a strong, local supermarket, and they are dedicated to being a leader in serving Hawai‘i's shoppers.

CBZW 2017-2019


With 15 Blue Zones Project Approved™ Foodland and Sack N Save locations across the state, Foodland is a leading partner when it comes to offering healthy choices to their customers.

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HMSA is the most experienced health plan in the state, covering more than half of Hawai‘i’s population. As a recognized leader, HMSA embraces their responsibility to strengthen the health and well-being of our community. Headquartered on O‘ahu with centers statewide to serve their members, HMSA is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

CBZW 2015-2017

HMSA is a leading health organization committed to improving the health of all of Hawai‘i. Six years ago, HMSA proudly launched the Blue Zones Project program here in Hawai‘i with the confidence that our project can change the dynamics of wellness in favor of health, happiness, and longevity.

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