Get an Up-Close Look at Urban Farming During Our Free “Farm to Fort Worth” Events

Join us for an afternoon “on the farm” and learn how our local urban farms help our community grow! We’re planting some seeds in hopes of creating future farmers by inviting you to learn about the role of urban agriculture in creating a healthy community. The “Farm to Fort Worth” series offers free admission at three local farms where you can experience urban farming firsthand, gain tips for growing fruits and vegetables at home, and discover how we all can support local farmers in their efforts to enhance community health.
Visitors can stop in at any – or all – of the urban farms during the scheduled times, with no fees or advance registration required, and they’re appropriate for all ages. While all farm events may vary slightly, at each you’ll find:


Guided & self-guided tours
A chance to meet the farmers
Free produce samplings & tastings
Seeds and information for growing at home
Fun activities for kids
Why urban farming? The research is clear. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of chronic disease and can increase lifespan. Urban farming helps make fresh produce more accessible and affordable to everyone in the community. Urban farms also help give new life to vacant or abandoned land, create employment opportunities, and alleviate the need to rely on extended supply chains and distribution networks for fresh produce.
See you on the farm!

Mind Your Garden Urban Farm

Saturday, Nov. 4  | 10 AM - 2 PM

3815 Timberline Drive

Fort Worth 76119

Learn more about the farm here


fill up TH-6852

Opal's Farm

Saturday, Nov. 11 | 2-5 PM

2500 LaSalle Street

Fort Worth 76111

Learn more about the farm here



Tabor Farms


Saturday, Nov. 18 | 11 AM - 3 PM

3400 Village Creek Rd.

Fort Worth 76105

Learn more about the farm here


Tabor farms 2