Roll or Stroll Weekend June 3-5, 2022

Walk or ride to a participating restaurant or coffee shop for a delicious plant-forward meal or a cup of joe and get FREE COOL STUFF to help you make the most of your summer days outside.

We’re making it easier to “roll” with FREE Bike Sharing bikes all weekend long!



  • Walk or ride a bike to one of the locations listed below between June 3-5, 2022.

  • Ride your own bike OR ride a Fort Worth Bike Sharing bike. Rides are FREE all weekend long, courtesy of Blue Zones Project. Just use Code 92020App on the BCycle app (download the app from the QR code on the kiosk). Find a map here of BCycle stations.

  • When you get to the location, tell them you walked or rode to their location.

  • You’ll receive either a FREE Travel Blanket, on-the-go Cutlery Set, or insulated Coffee Tumbler. Items vary per location and quantities are limited.

  • ENTER-TO-WIN a free Bike Sharing Annual Pass. Scroll down to register to win. 

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roll stroll blanket
cutlery edit

Win a FREE Bike Sharing Annual Pass!

Want to "roll" for free all year long? Enter here for a chance to win one of four Fort Worth Bike Sharing annual passes. No purchase necessary. (Seriously. Just click here and enter. Winners will be notified on June 6. )

Register to Win


No purchase necessary. But, hey, you’re already there, and we encourage you to move naturally while supporting your local restaurant or coffee shop. Live a Blue Zones lifestyle and try a plant-forward menu item or a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Limit one free item per person. Items vary and supplies are limited at each location.




Los Vaqueros

2629 N. Main

restaurant logo_LosVaqueros-1


HG Supply

1621 River Run #176

restaurant logos_HGsupply


Belenty's Love

3516 Bluebonnet Circle

restaurant logo2_belentys-1


Maestro Tacos

3011 Bledsoe Street

restaurant logos_maestro


Ampersand Coffee

All Fort Worth Locations:

3009 Bledsoe

3025 S. University St.

restaurant logos_ampersand2


Ascension Coffee

1715 River Run, Suite 151

restaurant logo2_ascension


The Table Market

120 St. Louis Ave., Suite 103B

restaurant logo_Table


Arcadia Coffee

326 Bryan Ave.

restaurant logo_Arcadia


Funky Picnic

401 Bryan Ave.

restaurant logo2_funkyPicnic


Clean Juice

5233 Marathon Ave.

restaurant logo_CleanJuice



354 W. 5th Street

restaurant logo_freshii


The Pantry

713 W. Magnolia Ave.

restaurant logos_pantry



Race Street Coffee

3021 Race Street

restaurant logo_Race street


Boulevard of Greens

2700 Horne Street, Suite 110

Blvd of Greens


Mariachi's Dine-In

5724 Locke Ave.

restaurant logo2_mariachis


Black Coffee

1417 Vaughn Blvd.

restaurant logo_Black coffee



801 W. Magnolia

restaurant logo2_brewed


Spiral Diner

1314 W. Magnolia

restaurant logo_Spiral


Pouring Glory

1001 Bryan Ave.

restaurant logo2_pouringGlory


Pizza Verde

5716 Locke Ave.

restaurant logos_pizza_verde


Hustle Blendz

1201 Evans Ave.

restaurant logos_hustle_blendz


Zonk Burger

2919 Race Street

restaurant logo_Zonk burger


Summer Moon

All Fort Worth Locations:

817 Matisse Dr. #445

625 S. Main Street

restaurant logos_summer_moon


Juice Junkies

925 Foch Street

restaurant logo_JuiceJunkies-2



1628 Park Place Ave.

restaurant logos_winehaus


Casa Azul

300 W. Central Ave.

restaurant logos_casa_azul



La Onda

2905 Race Street

restaurant logo2_laOndalaonda


Fort Brewery and Pizza

2737 Tillar Street

restaurant logos_fortworth_brewery


Mamaka Bowls

1701 River Run

mamaka 2



3113 S. University Dr., #100

restaurant logos_dwell


Flower Child

1616 S. University




The Bearded Lady

300 S. Main Street

restaurant logo2_beardedlady



For more information about Blue Zones Project in Fort Worth, visit