About Us


Brought to Hawai‘i through an innovative sponsorship by the Hawai‘i Medical Service Association (HMSA), Blue Zones Project® is a community-led, well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to lifestyle, environment, policy, and social networks.

Established in 2010, Blue Zones Project is inspired by Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and New York Times best-selling author who identified five regions of the world — or Blue Zones® — with the highest concentration of people living to 100 years or older. Blue Zones Project incorporates Buettner's findings and works with cities to implement policies and programs that will move a community toward optimal health and well-being. Currently, 56 communities have joined Blue Zones Project, impacting more than 3 million people in North America.

The initiative in Hawai‘i is currently in eight communities, including East Hawai‘i Island, North Hawai‘i Island, West Hawai‘i Island, Central Maui, Kapolei-‘Ewa, Koolaupoko, Mānoa-Makiki-McCully-Mō‘ili‘ili (4M), and Wahiawa, along with numerous statewide worksites and partnerships.



The mission of Blue Zones Project - Hawai‘i is to enhance the well-being of Hawai‘i’s people by continually improving the environments where we live, work and play.



MĀLAMA: to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect

Because caring for people and helping them be healthier is our life’s work.

KA‘ANA: to share

Because knowledge has no value unless it's shared.

Alu Hopena
ALU HOPENA: alu, to act together / hopena, results

Because we are driven to succeed, and our success can be measured in outcomes.

WĀNANA: to foresee, fortell

Because we are thought-leaders, game-changers and inspired visionaries.

HILINA‘I: to trust

Because the trust in our knowledge and the principles of our actions are based on honesty, integrity, and proven best practices.

LŌKAHI: unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony

Because our success depends on collaboration between partners, experts, customers, and each other.



We envision a happy, healthy Hawai‘i where people are empowered to care for each other and their community.