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Blue Zones Project – Corry


Corry is a Certified Blue Zones Community

Corry is a Certified Blue Zones Community We are so excited to announce the Corry community has officially been designated as a Certified Blue Zones Community®! The certification signifies that a community has reached the tipping point required to sustain long term change.


Achieving certification takes effort and collaboration across a community. To become certified is to have accomplished something big: a visible transformation in an area where healthy choices are easier, well-being is on the rise, and people, places, and policy support sustainable change.
Becoming a Certified Blue Zones Community has benefits for many: lowered healthcare costs, improved productivity, higher well-being, and greater quality of life.
Here's to YOU, Corry!


Corry's Certification Event

In May 2022, Corry well-being leaders and volunteers came together to celebrate becoming a Certified Blue Zones Community.


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